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Roomassaare kohvik

To Delicious Encounters!

To Delicious Encounters! Roomassaare kohvik sadam. Kuressaare. Roomassaare harbour Saaremaa
Come and enjoy the charms of the Roomassaare harbor cafe! Our wonderful sea view, terrace, sailboats and a selection of fresh Saaremaa fish dishes await you. Children can have fun in the play corner and playground.

Roomassaare Café is located in the picturesque Roomassaare marina, just a few minutes from the center of Kuressaare, Saaremaa. As a summer cafe, we focus on local ingredients and offer a combination of simple and clean flavors.

Of course, the most beautiful sea view makes its own demands on us - local fish dishes are a must! If you're not a fish lover, don't worry! You will definitely find something suitable for you on the menu.

Come to our restaurant and enjoy smile-inducing taste experiences, a wonderful sea view and unforgettable sunsets. Our 360-degree sea view is especially popular with romantics! For children, there is a play area, a sandbox, swings and a slide. You can meet exciting sailors and if you are lucky, you can even take part in a sailing regatta.

You can also get to Abruka and Ruhnu islands by boat from Roomassaare harbor!


  • Spring rolls 8.00 EUR
    Cheese balls with dipping sauce 6.00 EUR
    Ciabatta with pate and onion jam 6.00 EUR
    Beer side 6.00 EUR
    Wine pairing 8​​​​​​.00 EUR


  • Seljanka 6.00 EUR
  • Creamy fish soup 6.00 EUR


  • Smoky duck breast with lively corn cream 12.00 EUR

Main dishes

  • Barbecue "Nostalgia" with fried onions 11.00 EUR
  • Bratwurst on a pea stick 11.00 EUR
  • Roomassaare schnitzel 11.00 EUR
  • Saaremaa beef grilled burger 12.00 EUR
  • Slow cooked smoked pork loin, with fried cabbage 14.00 EUR

extras: baked potatoes, french fries, baked vegetables


  • Potato-mushroom cutlet with beetroot 9.00 EUR
  • Bruschetta with pesto and tomato 8.00 EUR

For Children

  • French fries with wieners 6.00 EUR
  • Creamy chicken pasta 6.00 EUR


  • Pancakes with jam 5.00 EUR
  • Cake selection from the counter 5.00 EUR
  • Tiramisu bite 6.00 EUR

Non alcohol drinks

  • Strawjuice 1.60 EUR
  • Mineral water 2.00 EUR
  • Milk / kefir 1.40 EUR
  • Juice 2.00 EUR
  • Coca/Fanta/Sprite 0.25L 2.50 EUR
  • Öun Drinks lemonades / ÖselBirch birch juice drinks 4.00 EUR
  • Smoothie 4.50 EUR


Hot drinks

  • Espresso 2.20 EUR
  • Coffee 2.50 EUR
  • Tea 2.00 EUR
  • Cappuccino 2.80 EUR
  • Latte 3.00 EUR
  • Cocoa EUR 3.00
  • Chai latte 3.00 EUR